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As this is going on, Elmenhilde Karnstein and Millarca Vordenburg drink from Natsume Minagawa's breasts while she and Mai Kazamatsuri simultaneously lick Laila la Britannia's clit all the while Genbu Doumon and Momiji Nakiri suck on Mai's breasts. Simultaneously Irina Shidou and Xenovia Quarta do the same with Natsume's breasts.

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* [[Characters/CodeGeassBritannians Britannians (Royal Family, Britannian Army, Knights of The Round)]][[note]]'''Britannian Imperial Family: '''Emperor Charles zi ...

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(Still think Laila la Britannia should be in the harem. I still have hope for her to being in the there. Possibly Cornelia too.) 10/30/2018 c7 Nakumare

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laila la britannia 1; white background 751625; official art 357469; character sheet 36552; 1girl 3635260; annoyed 6463; black bow 39080; black choker 14750; black hair bow 4509; black hair ornament 26743; black legwear 375693; black miniskirt 166; black skirt 90205; black thighhighs 54429; blonde 1561897; blue eyes 1448526; blush

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Although I can't confirm this, this girl looks strikingly similar to Laila la Britannia, Clovis' sister who appeared in a mobile game released only in Japan. She also appeared in both 1st and 2nd recap film. In the 1st one, she can be seen at the beginning when Lelouch and Nunally are sent to Japan.

Laila La Britannia

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lass="news_dt">Mar 22, 2015 · Former Princess Laila la Britannia, a Former Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire Former Third Princess Euphemia “Euphie” “Princess Massacre” li Britannia , the Former Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Former Sub-Viceroy of Area Eleven (Deceased)

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Alice Shaing/Laila la Britannia/Nunnally vi Britannia/Lilycia Gottwald/Margaret (Code Geass) Euphemia li Britannia/Nina Einstein/Cheryl Robinson/Cynthia Robinson/Inoue Naomi; Caretaker of Spacetime/Marrybell mel Britannia/Leila Malcal/C.C. Flora mel Britannia/Olivia Zevon/Maria Shaing/Jean Rowe/Shinozaki Sayoko/Kouzuki Kallen's Mother

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Schneizel el Britannia. Cornelia li Britannia. Marrybell mel Britannia. Laila la Britannia. Carine ne Britannia. Castor rui Britannia. Jeremiah Gottwald. Pollux rui Britannia. Augusta Henry Velaines. Claudio S. Darlton. Kanon Maldini. Anya Alstreim. Gino Weinberg. Nonette Enneagram. Goliath Knights: Clovis la Britannia. Shin Hyuga Shaing ...

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The Holy Empire of Britannia was once ruled by the Britannian Imperial Family, with its members holding the highest positions within its government and military. The Imperial Family are descended from Sir Ricardo von Britannia, the designated heir and lover of Queen Elizabeth III. Each of member of the Britannian Imperial Family is ranked by both birth order and inheritance. As an example of ...